Lake of the Ozarks Appliance Service

Factory Certified Parts for All Appliances

Lake of the Ozarks Appliance Service, LLC understands your need for accurate, high-quality products that get your machines working again. The parts
that we offer are for Service Calls we complete.   We no longer sell parts directly to individuals

Dishwasher Parts

Extensive Inventory

With an impressive inventory of parts from well-known manufacturers like GE™, Whirlpool™, and Maytag™,
our company has everything needed for a successful repair. 

Original Equipment Manufactured Parts Only
You deserve replacement parts that always get the job done. We regularly stock our inventory for easy
identification and compatibility with both modern and older appliance models. As a result, your appliances
have all the necessary components to continue working for years to come.


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Control Your Water Remotely & Detect Leaks


Keep leaks on lockdown 24/7 with control from anywhere.
Get alerts to your phone in real-time if a leak is detected and use the remote shut-off feature to stop leaks in their tracks. View live and historical water usage. Everything you need to control your home’s water system in the palm of your hands.
  • Live Flow Data
  • User Customized Enhanced Leak Detection: Slow and Major Leak Alerts
  • Remote Shut-off
  • Drip Detect® Alerts
  • Humidity Alerts
  • Water Pressure Alerts
  • Water Temperature Alerts
  • Air Temperature - Freeze Alerts
  • Smart Alerts® Learning Leak Detection
  • Comparative Usage Chart
  • Recent Alerts
  • Apple AppStore
  • Google PlayStore
Device price is $599.00 installation is extra.
Contact us at (573) 348-2130 in Lake Ozark, Missouri.


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