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Complete Appliance Repair in Your Home:

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Wrench and Screwdriver Dryer United Backflow Inspections
In Home Service
When appliances aren't cooperating at home or in the workplace, prompt appliance repair service is often the best bet for minimizing losses and frustration. Our technician comes directly to your location to solve your appliance issues. When you schedule with Lake of the Ozarks Appliance Service we know your lives are busy that is why we only give you  a 1.5 hour service call window, so you can plan your day for family time, errands, or fun on the lake
Dryer Maintenance
While convenient, clothes dryers also play host to fire hazards. To better protect your home, our company is proud to offer dryer vent cleaning. From the inside of your dryer to your home's exterior, we clean out all excess lint and debris.

The State of Missouri requires all backflow prevention devices be tested annually. These devices are required to keep the water that passes through them into the plumbing system beyond them from coming back into the water supply, while protecting the quality & safety of the drinking water system. 

We also own:

United Backfow Inspections, LLC 

call (573) 480-6624 

and schedule your testing to prevent getting fined from the State of Missouri and your water shut off from your local public works department!



About Us

For all your appliance repairs, look no further than Lake of the Ozarks Appliance Service, LLC. Located in Lake Ozark, Missouri, we service an array of general household appliances from the most well known manufacturers. From refrigerators and washers, to ice machines and outdoor kitchen equipment, we fix them all (we no longer service Dishwashers or Microwaves). As an industry-recognized repair company, we are members of the United Servicers Association and Marcone Servicers Association.

Since opening in 1972, our local, family-owned-and-operated business has built a reputation for quality and professionalism. When you call us, we show up clean and ready to work. We continue to uphold outstanding customer service and family values at the forefront of everything we do. Count on us to treat your family, home, and appliances with honesty and respect.

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