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Vent Cleaning for Your Safety

Routine Dryer maintenance and vent cleaning lets you dry clothes more efficiently, and protects your family from the risk of fire. Lake of the Ozarks Appliance Service, LLC performs special dryer-cleaning services for customers in Lake Ozark, Missouri, and the surrounding communities. We also offer bulk discounts on dryer vent cleaning to Condo Associations. Fire safety is everyone's responsibility, and we are happy to educate the community on the matter.

The Statistics

Approximately 15,000 home fires break out every year. While not the only cause of a house fire, a clogged dryer vent is a common culprit. Preventative maintenance keeps dryers in working order and reduces your risk of a fire.

Dryer Characteristics
Although cleaning dryer vents and lint traps after every load is a proactive step in keeping your home safe, buildup is still present inside the dryer and throughout the vent system. Prolonged periods of neglect causes lint to build throughout the dryer, and this kind of debris can easily accumulate through the venting system, and all the way to your home's exterior vent.

When lint traps aren't cleaned as often as they should be, it causes the dryer to elevate in temperatures, and possibly overheat. When an overheating situation occurs, combustion is a real possibility.

Don't let a routine chore turn into a catastrophe. Check and clean your vent systems to maintain proper airflow.

Your Partners in Safety
Lake of the Ozarks Appliance Service, LLC protects your family from dryer fires with a special, discounted preventative maintenance package. Our dryer vent cleaning service cleans the inside of your dryer, as well as the connecting air vents and ducts. This service is so thorough that we also clean through the wall and to the exterior of your home. As a result, you stay safer, while also reducing energy costs.

Affordable Rates
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Contact us at (573) 348-2130 in Lake Ozark, Missouri, for dryer maintenance and vent-cleaning services that keep your home and family, safe.


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